Classic Films

This is just a thought for future blogs. How often have you had someone scream, ‘How can you NOT have seen that film? It’s a classic!’, at you? For me, it appears that for being an aspiring critic, I haven’t seen that many classic movies. So the idea I had was to find the least watched ‘classic’, see it for myself, and blog about it. Well, it seems more favourable to me than going to see ‘Horrible Bosses’ or ‘Bad Teacher’. Though of course if they end up being future classics, I’ll be kicking myself. So vote on the movies below that you haven’t seen, but are interested in, and I’ll get right on it.


About jpgoss

I like TV. I like telling people whats good for them. Therefore I set up this blog. If I can be bothered to update it, you'll know what'll be good to catch on the box.

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