Beyond The Fourth 2010 Awards- Best Actor

Happy New Year!

This next award is one I’ve had brewing for several days, but I decided to take some time off over the new years celebrations. Not only that, but this is an award that I’d found very difficult to decide. I had a clear idea in my head of who I was going to nominate, but what to say about their performances has had me stumped. So here goes, my nominations for Best Actor 2010…

Matt Smith- The Doctor (Doctor Who)

I think it is safe to say that Matt Smith faced the most daunting challenge of any British actor in reent years. Not only stepping into the shoes of a straight-up British institution, nor the fact that he was set to play the youngest Doctor in the series history. But the task that he had of following David Tennant, who was highly commended as the best Doctor since Tom Baker, is almost worthy of a special Biggest Testicles award of its own.

So, how did he do? Surprisingly well, and the secret to his success only becomes more clear when compared to the previous Doctor. Tennant played the role with vibrancy, full of life and energy. Things happened at a hundred miles an hour, most problems had a quick yet complicated solution, and The Doctor was always in control.

The question on every Doctor Who fans lips was therefore, “How can Matt Smith match that?”. The answer was simple: he really couldn’t. Nor was he required to. He played the role a lot gentler than his predecessor, keeping the quirky side (“It’s a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.”) In essence, he was the strong silent type to Tennant’s charging madman. And coupled with Moffats excellent dialogue, it worked tremendously.

Benedict Cumberbatch- Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)

If there’s one actor I’ve been dying to see more of in the past couple of years, it is this man. Not purely for the reason that he has the best name in the business, but his portrayal of Stephen Hawking a few years back had a real impact on me. So I was delighted to see the first trailer of him playing a modern day Sherlock Holmes. Even more so after watching the first episode to see that he had nailed the essence of Sherlock. What people rarely knew about the character was his slightly unpleasant nature, his will to solve puzzles and cases without caring of who the people were. Cumberbatch’s depiction was slightly autistic, a pure logical mind at work, but with enough bravado and linguistic wit to turn it into an emotionally flawed genius. He seems to have a good future ahead of him, with a second series of Sherlock later this year and a part in the new Spielberg movie War Horse, so I can’t wait to see more of him. He was easily the best thing about Sherlock…

WINNER: Andrew Scott- Jim Moriarty (Sherlock)

…until this guy shows up. Despite only having 5 minutes of screen time in a series that was 3 hours long, he managed to steal the pivotal, most memorable moment of the series. In complete contrast to Cumberbatch’s Sherlock, Scott overacted the part of Moriarty to the extreme, as evidenced in this clip of their showdown at the end of the series.

I really don’t have much else to say about this nominee. I kind of hoped the clip would say it all. Amazing.

Iwan Rheon- Simon (Misfits)

As a group, the Misfits cast are called upon more than others to say and do the weirdest things. What most young actors would baulk at, Robert Sheehan and Lauren Socha in particular seem to take in their stride. In fact, it is hard to recall a scene where Nathan (Sheehan) is not spouting an extremely offensive monologue while simulating various sexual acts. But when required to be emotional and serious, they do a very good job of it. And no-one more so than Iwan Rheon, who plays invisibility prone loser Simon. The second series allowed him to branch out in terms of personality from someone who played a very quiet and minor role, into what some people would say to be the spearhead of the group. Although as a character Nathan is much more watchable, louder, brasher and funnier, the performance by Rheon keeps the whole thing ticking and makes each episode, in terms of a plot, thoroughly worth returning to.

So, those are my nominations for Best Actor, and while I’m sure there were excellent actors in period dramas such as Downton Abbey or Upstairs Downstairs, it is the performances you remember that are always the special ones.


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  1. .?But it seems that Metro the Sun the Press Association and many more are all a bit slow on the uptake. Steven Moffat has often used the story of how Matt Smith auditioned for the role of Dr Watson as an example of how he just has the sort of Sherlock quality that made him perfect for Doctor Who.

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